Aquila Ventures

A world of talent in a team you can trust.


Our principals are experienced practitioners drawn from the ranks of the US and UK armed forces (both special operations and general purpose), the intelligence services, governmental policy staffs, and academia.  Many also have extensive industry experience in one or more fields including consulting, cyber security and related work, energy, transportation, finance, and public relations and social media management.


Overlaid on that diverse skill set is a virtually unmatched ability to operate in almost any global environment. Our team members have lived and worked around the world, often in remote or austere environments.  We are proficient in several languages, are comfortable in any cultural setting, and maintain a network of trusted and proven local partners to help get the job done virtually anywhere in the world.

We build and maintain enduring relationships with our clients, always focused on their individual goals and needs. Each engagement begins with a "clean sheet" mission and requirements analysis.  We never employ "cookie cutter" solutions or push "canned" product suites or service bundles. Every solution is seamlessly integrated and tailored to that client's unique requirements for each discrete project.

The aquila difference



The world seemingly is saturated with solution providers -- many of them "household names."  Why should you come to us with your requirements and challenges?

For some very good reasons:

Every solution is tailored specifically for your mission or unique challenge.  If you hire one of the "big names" because of reputed skill in one aspect of your mission, then you also have to use the rest of their "package" -- hardware, software, whatever else.  At Aquila, we design the best solution for your needs, with your budget in mind.  We might integrate US software, a long-range camera or radar from one country, a UAV from another, and support personnel from another.  You always get a solution mix that's optimized for your mission and your budget, all seamlessly integrated.

We're not afraid to accept risk on behalf of our clients.  How often have you heard large company executives fret about "what would happen if this project appeared on the front page of all the newspapers" as they back away from helping you?  Our clients bring us some of their most vital security-related problems, and we thrive on the difficult and the complex.  We never ask ourselves, "What's our risk?" but rather "How can we help this client to succeed?"  Nor do we hand you a package and then leave.  If you want our continued support, we'll stand with you even when the going gets rough.

We're nimble and agile.  With some companies, it can take 60 days or more just to conclude a non-disclosure agreement.  When a prospective client raises a new concern, we can meet face-to-face in scant days.  Current clients can reach our principals as well as our on-site managers around the clock.  When action needs to be taken or tactical shift accomplished, we execute within hours where other companies take days or weeks.

We're everywhere you and your problems are.  Because we're experienced at working all over the world, and have a network of reliable local partners across much of the world, we can begin ramping up wherever we need to operate almost immediately.  If you're truly in need of urgent support, our flat management structure and array of air transport partners means that we can be with you with whatever you need within hours, and fully operational within days,




About Us


Our pledges

We build long-term relationships, not short-term project pipelines.


2. We are dedicated to your success. If we can't help you, we will connect you with someone who can. 


3. Honesty, integrity and respect are the hallmarks of our work.

4. No job is too small or too large.  We will tell you the required scale of effort and our pricing clearly and up front.

5. Trust and discretion are fundamental elements of our work. We treat all your information as if it were "classified" and protect it as though it were our own. Bring us any problem, however complex or sensitive, and we will find a way to help, anywhere in the world.

6. We stand with you, and will stay engaged in support of you, shoulder to shoulder, for as long as you need and want us.