Aquila Ventures


Practice Areas

Aquila Ventures brings together professionals with deep expertise and extensive experience across multiple functional areas in order to help clients achieve success.  We focus on practice areas where we can achieve superior results by leveraging our strengths in international affairs, military operations, special operations and counterterrorism, training and professional development, intelligence and security, cyber operations, and the practical application of cutting-edge technology.  These main practice areas include:

  • Tactical Training.  We deliver superior training in virtually any operational or tactical discipline.  From individual and small-unit training for military, law enforcement, or protective service clients, to mission-specific and specialized training (field medical, HAZMAT, explosives and counter-IED response, specialized flight training, and more), to highly customized training for unique mission sets, we help clients achieve measurable capability and performance improvement.  We offer programs at a large and very well-equipped facility in the United States, or through mobile training teams that can be deployed anywhere in the world.  If a client desires, we even can build and operate a tailored training facility in the client's own country.

  • Professional Development Training and Curriculum Development.  Our team designs, develops, and delivers programs to enhance the professional development of mid- and senior-level leaders in a variety of disciplines.  Recent examples include development of an integrated curriculum for tactical leaders engaged in emergency response (HAZMAT situations, train derailments, swift water rescue and other natural disaster response, and so on) and for senior-level planners and agency decisionmakers responsible for those types of events.  Through our partner institutions, we offer accredited certificate- and degree-granting programs (even at the master's and doctoral level) in leadership and management -- available for classroom learning in the US, via distance learning, via mobile instructional team, or a combination of these.  Bring us your professional development challenges, and we'll design and implement a program just for you.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.We deliver mission-focused solutions (comprising services, networks, tools and technologies that gather, analyze, exploit and share valuable intelligence) that drive operational, policy and economic success in a fluid and fast-paced international environment.

  • Counterterrorism and Internal Security.  We help our clients defeat terrorist and internal security threats while preserving rights and freedoms, while helping clients to build a brighter future and greater prosperity for their country or enterprise.

  • Cyber Security and Operations.  Our worldwide network of specialists and partners provides clients with a broad array of mission-focused solutions.  Our specialists examine, assess and integrate the technical, physical, logical, policy and human elements of cyber operations into a cohesive and integrated whole.  Our experience and expertise at the nexus of the cyber domain and counterintelligence, counterterrorism and technological innovation endow us with especially powerful perspectives, insights and capabilities.  We design and implement solutions for cyber defense, incident response, forensic analysis, and more.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection.  We help commercial clients (who own most critical infrastructures) to anticipate, defend against, and recover quickly from attacks on their physical and cyber infrastructures while maximizing profitability.  In similar fashion, we support governmental clients by integrating planning, protective and active response measures across multiple infrastructures, thereby enhancing their national and economic security while protecting the welfare of their citizens.

  • Program Management and Acquisition Support.  No government can afford to spend money recklessly or unwisely, and budget pressures often require the assignment of top-performing people to operational leadership roles.  We deliver subject matter expertise and, if desired, direct onsite support, across the domains of program management, program analysis, performance measurement and management, and acquisition support.  We even offer international clients training and advisory support with respect to the US Foreign Military Sales and similar programs, helping them to be more efficient and to conserve resources.

  • Public Information and Message Management.  Do you really know, in near real time, what consumers are saying about your products?  What citizens and visitors are saying about your country or city and its appeal?  What voters are saying to one another about your candidate, and who in turn is influencing what they think? Our expert professionals help clients capture sentiment expressed through social media, blog posts, chat rooms and more -- from virtually anywhere in the world.  We capture vast amounts of data, in real time, and analyze it in natural/native language to determine what people are thinking, what they are saying to one another, and who in the infosphere is having the greatest influence in shaping others' opinions and sentiments.  Then we help clients tailor and improve their own public messaging so as to counter any negative perceptions and instead to foster a positive perception climate in which people become predisposed to view the client and its products or services more favorably in the future. This also helps clients to detect emerging negative sentiment early enough to be able to take effective action so as to head off a nascent problem long before it ever has chance to take root in public consciousness.

  • Development and Applied Insertion of Advanced Technologies.  Are you interested in identifying the most promising tools and technologies that have the potential to transform your business operations or national infrastructure before they become widely available to prospective competitors?  Are you an early-stage investor who seeks high-potential technologies that you can help develop so as to make a real difference in people's quality of life while at the same time reaping attractive returns on your investment?  In the course of our work all over the world, we regularly come across new, novel, and exciting technologies.  Many, while intriguing, simply don't have practical market applications.  But the most promising of these we connect with sovereign, commercial, and investment decisionmakers who recognize transformative potential when they see it.  If you have such interests in a particular sector, tell us, and we will remain actively on alert for technologies and tools with the potential you seek. Currently, we are promoting technologies with tremendous potential for the energy, transportation, and decision support sectors. If these are of interest to you, please contact us for a more in-depth discussion.